This Arc contains Episodes 1-22 of the Pokemon: Sun & Moon Anime: GameFAQS edition.

List Of EpisodesEdit

Episode Number And Title Plot Synopsis
1: Welcome To Alola!  Ash and Pikachu arrive in Alola, and wander around looking at Pokemon, and Ash talks about how he's so excited to explore this new region and finally win the Pokemon League!

Meanwhile, their Team Rocket stalkers arrive, and discover that there is a Pokemon called a Mimikyu that imitates a Pikachu. So they catch one, and trick Ash by stealing Pikachu, and replacing it with Mimikyu.

Ash doesn't notice, because he's not very smart, and continues on with what he believes to be his Pikachu, as the Journey Continues!

2: The Happy Hau! After a meeting with Professor Kukui, Lillie, and Hala, Ash meets Hau, a new starting trainer that has chosen Popplio as his first Pokemon. Hau challenges Ash's Pikachu to a battle, and Ash accepts. After a tough battle, Hau's Popplio prevails in a shocking outcome to all.Ash, being the good sport that he is, congratulates Hau for his victory, and the two decide to head to the next town together.
3: The Truth Revealed! After meeting his new BFF, Ash travels to the next town. Meanwhile, Lillie noticed something off about Ash's Pikachu, and rushes to tell him that his Pikachu is actually a Mimikyu. Ash is shocked, and swears vengeance on Team Rocket. Hau, Lillie, and Ash head off to find Team Rocket, only to find that they have already left Alola on their Meowth balloon to return Pikachu to their boss. 

Unfortunately, Ash can't afford a plane ticket to Kanto to get his Pikachu back, so he decides that his Mimikyu is fine for now. Mimikyu cries tears of joy as it is finally accepted.  Lillie decides that Ash is an idiot, but decides that she has to tag along with Ash and Hau to protect them from themselves. Ash and company decide to head for the local gym, as the Journey Continues!

4: Surf's Up, Cousin! Ash decides he isn't going to let his buddy Pikachu remain in peril. So he tries making money on the beach throwing Pyukumuku back into the ocean. He also forces his "friends" to help out. While on the job, the gang meets Samson Oak who is boogey boarding nearby. He tells Ash that it's nice to meet him as he's heard so much from the professor about him and asks how he's liking his new father. Ash is confused but doesn't ask questions so this can be a big plot twist reveal at the end of the season. Ash also gets hit on by a bunch of beach babes in a fanservice scene also containing bikini-clad Lillie. At the end of the episode, Ash decides his job is boring so he bags a Pykumuku and leaves without formally quitting his job. Samson Oak catches them before they leave the beach and says he would like Ash to have a pokemon. So they all head back to Oak's place.... As the journey continues!!
5: The Gang F**ks S**t Up When Ash arrives at the lab, he sees none other than Misty, May, Dawn, Iris and Serena waiting for him. They all have huge double D knockers now and are all 18 and in love with Ash. As they all fight with each other over Ash's affections, Ash wonders how Pikachu is doing.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket is stranded at sea. Their balloon popped and they've been floating around endlessly, without food, for days. James has a hungry look in his eye when he sees Pikachu in his cage...

6: Jar Of Mayonnaise (None)
7: Grand Theft Pikapek Ash and co. are casually sitting around eating watermelons when suddenly a Pikipek swoops in and begins eating the seeds of the fruit. They think it's all adorable until it looks toward them and starts using Bullet Seed on them. Ash gets the brilliant idea of using the Pikipek to make more money.

He grabs the bird, quickly learning how to use it as a weapon. That night, he and his friends mug people with the Pikipek, using it as a weapon to scare people into giving their money.

In the end Ash realizes that all he's gotten is twenty dollars and a condom, so he just gives up. He captures the Pikipek because he needs to have the regional bird, and he continues his journey.

8: Gainax Ending (None)
9: Praying To God Ash, desperate to rescue Pikachu, decides to pray to his old friend, the god of the pokemon, Arceus himself. Arceus reveals to Ash that he can only truly save Pikachu once his heart is pure. Ash gets confused and gives up. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is trying to resist the temptation to eat Pikachu, when suddenly, an Alolan Meowth climbs into their popped balloon. Meowth instantly falls in love with his sassy counterpart, and the two begin planning their wedding. As the Journey Continues!
10: Single White Female Serena, realizing that, if she wants to stand above the other girls, needs the obligatory cute starter Pokemon so she can train it. But shit! Someone already has Popplio! She manages to sneak into the lab, taking two Pokeballs, which she assumes are the other two starters.

Meanwhile, Dawn and May, who have formed an alliance to win Ash's heart by presenting him with both as a prize, snicker. They replaced the starters in the balls with a Trubbish and a Vanilish.

Iris looks at them from afar. "What children," she exclaims. Ash needed a proper, mature woman. She reaches into her closet, pulling out a teacher's uniform. A low cut blouse that was just a few sizes too small, and a mini skirt, complete with a pair of 8 inch heels.

Misty sees that and whimpers to herself. Will her conservative schoolgirl gimmick work? Maybe she would have to pretend to hate Ash before he fell for her. She looked into a mirror and tried her best.

"Satoshi-Kun... You baka," she said with a blush.

11: A New Challenger Enters The Ring! While Ash's old friends try to win his heart, Lillie finds herself falling in love. She doesn't want to be yet another unrequited Ash love story, but she can't ignore the feeling in her heart.

Meanwhile, Hau finds himself feeling the same way about Lillie, and decides he must win her heart. When he finds her taking photos of Ash without his knowledge, and practicing kissing on them, he cries himself to sleep.

Ash, as usual, is totally oblivious to all the love in the air, and the dramatic love... Octagon? I'm not sure anymore. As the Journey Continues!

12: Murder The Hypotenuse  Hau, deciding that the fire burning in his heart cannot be quenched, decides that he needs to take Ash out of the picture if he ever wants to have a chance of getting into Lillie's pants. But Ash's harem constantly gets in the way of what would otherwise be a very easy murder.

He decides that, if he ever wants to successfully kill Ash, he'll need to create an OU team. He consults Smogon to see what local Pokemon and move sets and natures would help him annihilate everyone in his path.

"Shit!" He smacks himself on his forehead when he sees that Smogon doesn't have any competitive movesets for any Alola Pokemon yet. He resigns himself to waiting until the neckbeards who run Smogon can give him the best possible team.

Meanwhile, still stranded at sea, Jessie begins to have "cravings," and not hunger. She looks at James with a twinkle in her eye. She gets the same twinkle upon looking at Wobbuffet... Who will she choose?

13: Ash Loses Again Ash decides to challenge the Alola equivalent of the E4 and loses. Then he strugles with deep depression and drug abuse until Prof. Oak speaks to him via telekinesis and tells that he is destined to be a loser, and tells him to meet his cousin Samson to train to be on the show "The Biggest Loser".
14: The Sad Fate Of Team Rocket Lillie realizes that the only way she can get ahead of the other girls in the Ash-love-competition is to rescue Pikachu, so while Ash goes on "The Biggest Loser", she and Hau investigate Team Rocket's whereabouts, and discover that they were seen by a fisherman to get lost at sea.

The two take out a boat, and a couple of times, Hau almost confesses his love, but he can't work up the courage. 

When they reach Team Rocket's balloon, they find utter chaos. Meowth's girlfriend, Alolan Meowth is stressed out about the wedding, and is pulling all her fur out. Meowth is trying to eat Pikachu, who is running on the top of the popped Meowth balloon for safety, and James is beating up Wobuffet for taking his girl.

Lillie and Hau sneakily take Pikachu away from a howling Meowth, and quickly ride away in their boat, traumatized for life as the Journey Continues!

15: What The Literal F**k Hau realizes that he has to work up the courage before it's too late and Lillie returns Pikachu, so he finally is able to do so and confess his love to her.

Lillie is flattered, but explains that it would never work out because she's actually UB-01. She transforms into a jellyfish and flies away. Hau returns Pikachu to Ash as the journey continues!

16: The Competition Intensifies Now that Lillie is out of the picture, Ash and Hau must find a new main female character. Obviously, Dawn, May, Serena, Iris, and Misty all want to be that girl. Finally, it is decided that they should have a battle. Not a Pokemon battle, a person battle.

They all battle it out with their fists, teeth, and some knives from the local IKEA. But in the end, the only one left alive is Serena, who murdered all the others without hesitation. Ash and Hau are horrified, and are not really sure that they want Serena hanging around, but without a female character, the feminists would have their heads, and no one else could come on such short notice, so they reluctantly welcome Serena back.

Meanwhile, a friendly fisherman has rescued Team Rocket, but at this point their team cohesiveness is gone, and they have to split up. Meowth and his fiancee head back to Alola to get ready for their upcoming wedding, Jessie and Wobuffet head back to Kalos for their wedding, and James decides to join Team Skull, as the Journey Continues!

17: I Dream Of Jillian While on The Biggest Loser, Ash gets a crush on Jillian Michaels and tries to get her to notice him. This makes the girls jealous, so they start to flirt on Bob Harper, later to find out both trainers are gay. They then return on their journey to find UB-01
18: Aether Foundation Ash, Hau, and Serena arrive at the "Totally Not Evil Foundation," as shown by a sign that says "Evil Foundation" with "Totally Not" scribbled above. When they enter, several workers inform them that what they are doing is totally not evil. They arrive in Lusamine's office, and she gives a monologue, making sure to highlight her not-evilness. Ash, Hau, and Serena agree to help her out as much as possible. She sends them after Team Skull and James, as the Journey Continues!
19: The End Of The Journey*** Ash suddenly dies for no reason. Saddened by his master's death, Pikachu commits suicide.

The End.***

20: Bubble Bath Fun All of the girls are back to life because there zombies. 

Mimmikyu, or whatever the hell the thing is called, feels left out now that Pikachu is back in the picture. It tries to win Ash back, but Ash doesn't care and doesn't even remember the thing's name anymore. Miminmimicyu sulks sadly outside where Misty happens upon him.

Meanwhile, Ash decides to unwind by taking a hot and steamy bubble bath. Iris comes in wearing a one piece that's 2 sizes too small.

This happens:

However, before they can do anything, Misty barges in. She's teamed up with Not-Pikachu and plans on battling Iris for Ash's affections Right now!

Ash doesn't understand, but the prospect of a Pokemon battle tickles his nether regions. He sits and watches...

21: Conspiracy Ash, Serena and Hau are sent by Aether Foundation to investigate a cave on Melemele island where mysterious stones were found that might be related to UB-01. On the way there they run into a girl named Luna and a younger boy that travels with her while she is taking part in the island challenge. Ash and co instantly make friends with the new people and invite them to have lunch together, forgetting about their mission. After the meal the two say they are in hurry and go off, while Ash and co decide to go search for berries at the nearby forest so that Serena can improve her cooking.

Meanwhile Luna and the boy arrive at an abandoned lab that was previously used by Aether. Inside it they find a device that can control people's minds which they suspect was used to make all the girls fall for Ash without a reason whatsoever. The boy sends out his Type: Null and commands it to destroy the machine. The two leave the lab and decide to investigate what are Aether's true goals.

To be continued

22: We're Just Trying To Fill Our Quota OKAY James is paired up with a nondescript Skull grunt named Jessabelle, who is a complete Jessie clone. Together, to fulfill the 'Pikachu Gets Mind Controlled' quota, they restore the mind-controlling machine and attempt to use it to mind-control Pikachu and make him come with them for reasons. However, due to the power of love, friendship, and other tropes, Pikachu is freed from the mind control.

Meanwhile, we see an Aether grunt picking up the shattered mind control machine, as the Journey Continues...

Episodes with *** at the end are non-canon.


  • Out of the 22 Episodes in this Arc, two do not have a Plot Synopsis.
  • Also, the only non-canon episode in this Arc is Episode 19.