This Arc contains Episodes 41-56 of the anime.

List Of EpisodesEdit

Episode Number And Title Plot Synopsis
41: Ash Is A Baby Ash tries to take over the world but Red and Danny Phantom team up to stop him.

Will they succeed? Or will Ash prevail?

42: May Accidentally Does Something May, now a ultra beast, runs and kills Mewtwo, but also accidently kills Mew. Which is not good

Meanwhile ash and his "friends" try to battle Red. Then, Ash gets pissed and captures Arceus and 1 hit KOs all of Red's Pokemon.

43: This Makes No Sense After defeating Red, Ash punches him, but is stopped when Danny Phantom does his ghostly wail. Then Danny freezes Arceus and destroys it.

Meanwhile Danny's friends find May and become friends with her.

44: What The F**k?*** Ash suddenly dies again.***
45: Just Like My Japanese Animes! As Ash continues his battle against Danny Phantom, a mysterious figure shows up in the distance... Iris looks shocked upon seeing him... It's BroCilan, the son of Brock and Cilan. Cilan was the mother and carried the baby for 9 months, of course. Also he's 18 too, and more hunky than Kukui

Meanwhile, Dawn, desperate for some sort of recognition takes the search for May into her own hands. Along the way, he finds the withered effigy that is Mewtwo's corpse. Something is wrong... very wrong...

"Dawn-sama..." Misty suddenly appears. "It's time that I... I need to make sure you disappear... and never come back..." She calls out a Gyarados and immediately mega evolves it and orders it to attack Dawn, who just barely evades the attack, though her clothes get torn to shreds in the process.

Holding onto the scraps of clothing that barely cover her curvaceous and busty 18 year old body, she pleads for Misty to stop. Misty, however, doesn't listen, and instead continues ordering Mega Gyarados to attack and strip Dawn of her clothes and dignity... Dawn notices that she's crying.

Using her Piplup as a sacrifice, she manages to get within range of Misty... and kisses her...

Misty runs away, face lit up like a christmas tree...

and the journey continues...

45.5: The Ultimate Battle Of Ultimatenessnessness Ash stares on at the opposition, including UB-02, Red, and Danny Phantom, BroCilan, and Wreck-it Ralph. He stares at the corpse of Arceus, now being an atheist. He frowns, pulling out one final Pokeball.

"Go Pikipewpew" he yells. He lifts the gun toward the group. Before Danny can do his Ghostly Wail and stop him, Ash and his Pikipewpew are overwhelmed by a powerful light. Ash synchronizes with his Pikipewpew in a transformation sequence that takes up most of the episode. But this isn't like with Greninja. Now he's fully combined with it, and both of his hands have been converted into guns.

Hau, having seemingly been forgotten, questions how Ash fused with a Pokemon that isn't fully evolved.

46: May x 1000 May accidentally creates thousands of clones of herself and kills Danny's friends.

Meanwhile Danny defeats Ash , but then they have to team up when May's clones begin to take over.

47: Advancesherpping With May's clones on the run, everyone must work together to defeat all of them, but just as Ash is about to do absolutely nothing, Ub-01 suddenly appears. It reveals itself as Lillie to Ash, and has changed her personality to that of a Deadpan Loli, because everyone loves those.

Iris is flabbergasted, but immediately gets knocked the fuck out by a Mayclone.

Meanwhile, Misty is all alone on a cliff, thinking about her titulating experience with Dawn earlier. Her womanhood quivers.

Dawn has managed to defeat a May clone and is now wearing its clothes, though these new threads are just too small for her! They're so tight she might just slip out of them any second!

Hau decides to help Ub-01 by telling her where Prime May is... The battle is about to get intense.

Serena is... Somewhere...

Ash suddenly doesn't want Prime May to die, and goes running after.

48: Team Rocket Is Back Meanwhile Danny figures out that you have to kill the original May to kill them all. After 5 seconds he finds her and tries to kill her, but Butch and Cassidy attack Danny, making him unwittingly destroy most Alola.

But hey, the May clones are gone!

49: Wally From The Future Appears Team rocket builds an weapon that can connect with an interdimensional universe, and there they find Wally, who's N's son from the future from another planet from an alternate universe planning to make himself unborn by selling his soul to Smogonites to save a third alternate universe from it's own meteor because he left his Ps4 there after he became a vampire and started wandering around Skyrim untill he took a thousand arrows to the knee

what will happen next?

50: Ash's True Identity It was revealed that Ash is the true villain. Danny finds the corpse of his friends and sobs until he realizes that he must defeat Ash.

Ash tries to escape Alola and go to Danny's universe to take over there.

Meanwhile Danny finds Ash's Greninja and they team up, ready to kill Ash.

51: I'll Protect You No Matter What! May, using her power as UB-02 takes it upon herself to fight Danny Phantom and Ash-Greninja. Just before Greninja can deal a killing blow to May, Lillie shows up.

"The only one who can kill May... Is me," Lillie exclaims.

Hau sweats from the sheer intensity of the situation.

"May-dono, I'll help you," they all hear from Misty, who orders her Mega-Gyarados to Hyper Beam Greninja, Lillie, and Danny Phantom.

It's a 2 V 3 battle now! Who will win!?

Ned from Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide watches from the background... With a smug look on his face. The newest villain!?!?!?!?!?

52: The First Final Battle Begins Greninja is furious with Ash for making the fusion gimmick not just a one time thing.Ash-Pikipewpew doesn't care. He shoots Greninja in the leg. Greninja falls over in pain.

Ned giggles like a small kitten as Lillie and Danny recover from Misty's Hyper Beam.

Lillie once again transforms into her UB-01 form and goes to fight May.

Danny tries to fight Mega Gyarados. Unfortunately for him, Dark is Strong against Ghost. Danny is knocked out. Now Lillie has to fight all three of them.

53: Secret Emotions Arceus got drunk and remakes Alain existence again, alain forms a suspicous relationship with Ned and Wally from that future that's N son. What are they planning? 

In the middle of the 3 vs 2 battle, Danny phantom give up, saying that he always loved ash ketchum, but Misty Gyarados can't accept it, cause it as well had hidden feelings for Ash. 

May with Ub-02 along with Misty takes this situation as a weakness of the enemies and they try to attack, but Alain, wally from the future and Ned apppears in the battle field as wel with a secret and evil plan.

54: The Filler Begins Taking a brief break from our heroes for this all-important filler episode, we discover that Richie is in fact in the Alola Region on another island. He spends the episode trying to save a herd of wild Exeggutor from a Palm Logging Company, culminating in a climactic horde battle against the loggers.To celebrate, they eat pancakes. Suddenly, Richie's Pikachu Sparky evolves into Alolan Raichu, and Richie evolves into Alolan Richie - becoming a surfer dude-bro like his Pikachu. He then stays in Alola forever, forgetting his past life because the waves are all that mean anything to him. And so we leave Richie and Sparky with this cautionary tale about not losing yourself to those spiked Alolan Pancakes.
55: The Filler Ends Due to the pointless filler last episode, Danny Phantom realizes that he hates Ash.

Meanwhile the wave that Ritchie was riding got too big and it drowned Alain.

As Ash and Danny are about to battle again, UB-02 and UB-03 make their grand appearance.

56: What's Up In My Butt? (none)

Episodes with *** at the end of them are noncanon.