This Arc contains Episodes 23-40 of the Pokemon: Sun & Moon Anime: GameFAQS edition.

List Of EpisodesEdit

Episode Number And Title Plot Synopsis
23: End Of An Epic! Ash's Finale?!*** Ash falls in love with Serena and go to Kalos together and is permanently written out of the show.

The Animé shifts gears and is now instead about the Male MC from Sun/Moon and starts off with him getting a Rowlet. MC Gril also comes up and introduced Lillie to Hau and MaleMC, and they decide to go fo the Trials together.***

24: Demise Of A Cheater  Alain was ridiculed by absolutely everyone back in Kalos because it became known that he cheated and got away with it, so he left in shame.

But he moved to Alola, however people still knew of the rigged battle.

He couldn't handle becoming an international outcast so he drowns himself.

His charizard flies to Ash and gives him the Kalos League trophy then flies off to some remote place because he's just as hated by everyone as Alain, never to be seen or cared about again.

Ash, just like at the Kalos League, doesn't even care and he's like "ok whatever lol."

25: Ash Becomes Black (none)
26: (No Title) along ash beign black, pikachu became blue, hau became white, lillie became japanese. 

and so, they met professor oak's alolan form, to understand this phenomenon.

27: Reboot Requirement

Arceus stares down at the clusterfuck that was formerly known as the Pokemon anime canon. It decides that the only way to get a cohesive plot back is to destroy the world and erase Ash from history.

Ash and his 200 female companions that keep alternating between life and death are currently marching through Alola trying to conquer it. Suddenly every single Legendary ever rises out of the ocean. But it's okay, Pikachu's power inconsistency wears off and so he Thunderbolts them. They all die.

'Oh crap what do I do' Arceus thinks as it stares down at his failed plan. It decides to take matters into its own hands. It Mega Primal Synchro evolves into Ultimate Arceus and tries to fistfight Ash. Suddenly Lillie appears once more and takes a hit meant for Ash. Lillie confesses her love to Ash dies and Ash, super angry for a completely unrelated reason, goes super saiyan and oneshots Arceus.

Peace, if you could call it that, is returned to the Alola region, and Ash forgets about Lillie completely. He goes on to continue his journey.

28: It Was All A Dream*** Ash wakes up from his horrible nightmare.

"Professor Oak... What's happened to me?" "I feel sorry for you, Ash. You've been placed in a... *shudder* fanfiction.

29: Ash Becomes A Black Cyborg (none)
30: Ash Comes Out Of The Closet (none)
31: Ash Goes Back Into The Closet (none)
32: Arceus Uncreates Alain (none)
33: This Topic Devolves Into Complete S**t (none)
34: Everyone Suddenly Dies. The End.*** (none)
35: Alain f***s Ash's Mom*** Alain fucks ash's mom. Ash is brought back to life just to feel the sweet release of death once more.
36: And The Uncanon Filler Ends Just as Iris and Misty are about to clash for Ash's affections, Dawn comes running in.

May has gone missing...

Meanwhile, May is beaten and bloody. She has run into Mewtwo, who seems intent on killing her for some reason. Mewtwo goes and uses Psychic, but May dispels it.

"Heh," she snickers. "I hope you're done warming up..."

Mewtwo is shocked as May begins powering up.

"You may be the ultimate life form..." She says as she throws her bandana into the air... "But I am the ultimate wifeform!" Her body contorts.

May introduces herself as UB-02! 

37: Pansexual Magikarps (none)
38: This Topic Used To Be Good With Many Great Episode Summaries But Has Now Devolved Into A Shitstorm Of Galactic Shit (none)
39: Scandal In The Oak Labratory (none)
40; Return Of The Summaries 
Ash and co dig up the dirt on the Oak cousins. They decide to use their forgotten Pikipek gun from 33 episodes ago to interrogate the Oaks. They heard that someone's been sleeping with Ash's mom.

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Samson claimed. They moved to Samuel Oak.

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Samuel claimed.

They were trapped in a corner. Who banged Ash's mom??? Suddenly Ash's mom walked in and revealed that they are both Ash's father. Ash, frustrated and confused having been reminded of his fatherless background, gets angry and has his Pikipek use Bullet Seed. Suddenly, Pikipek evolves into Pikipewpew. It is now a literal gun.

Ash decides to use his newfound power to take over the world= Noncanon episode.

Episodes that end with *** are noncanon.


  • 10 out of 18 Episodes in this Arc do not have a Plot Synopsis, hence why it is called the Filler Arc.
    • Also, one episode lacks a title.
  • Addtionally, four of the episodes are noncanon.