Ash and "Friends"


May was a part of Ash's friends from the very start up until the Ned's Revenge Arc, when she was murdered by Roxie. She then became another UB-02.

Main Characters


Wally was the star of the Wally Arc and The Wally Delta. He committed suicide at the very end of the delta. He was later revived as Void-Wally.

Hank Hill

He was a major villain, but Ned eventually killed him with Arceus's powers.



Latinas was killed by Hank after he tried to falcon-punch him for killing Latinos.


Latinos was killed after he zen-headbutted Hank.


He is the God of the Pokemon world, but was killed by Ned, and his power stolen.

Minor Characters

Bobby Hill

Bobby only made an appearance in two episodes of the Hank, Ruler Of Earth Arc. He fought Hank Hill, but died in the very next Episode. He was later revived as Void-Bobby Hill.


The first person to ever knock Ash out of a tournament, he was killed by the Terminator.

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