Ash and "Friends"


Ash is the main character of the regular anime, and is the same here.

Current Friends


Roxie joined Ash and "friends" after she murdered May to join in Episode 167. Eventually, May turned into UB-02 from Universe A, and, although Roxie manages to teleport her to the moon, she is erased from existance in the process, floating in the same void that Wally did. She was later revived as Void-Roxie.

Danny Phantom

Danny joined Ash and "friends" in the Phantom Arc [please countinue]


He had Brock's child, BroCilan.


Nobody notices him anymore...

Former Friends


Misty was one of Ash's friends [please countinue]


May was one of Ash's friends that went thought almost the entire anime up until she was murdered by Roxie in The Ned's Revenge Arc.


Latinas and Latinos

Both Latinas and Latinos were introduced at the same time in [to be adder later]. Latinos was soon killed by Hank after he Zen-Headbutted him, and Latinas was killed after trying to falcon-punch Hank.

[to be countinued later]

Charaters with a ----- across their names are in an unknown state