Boggle is a game featured in the anime. Latinos and Latinas played it. Yeah.

Latinos and Latinas are grand-masters at Boggle.

List of Season one episodes featuring BoggleEdit

Episode Number And Title Plot Synopsis
Episode 246: Boggle Hank plays Boggle. Thats it.
Episode 251: Latinas and Latinos play Boggle Latinas and Latinos play Boggle. That's it.
Episode 266: The Boggle League To win the League you have to play Boggle. Ash loses in the first round, but Hank makes it to the finals.

The final Boggle match is against his wife, Peggy Hill.

Episode 285: Everyone plays Boggle Ash and friends, Hank, Arceus, Latinos, Latinas, and a bunch of all people all play 59x59 Boggle.
Episode 289: The Boggle Pokemon Arceus recreates Boggle as a Pokemon, replacing Hyrdeigon's spot in the Pokedex.

Ash beats Agok, and catches a Boggle.

Episode 296: Latinos and Latinas play Boggle Uh-Huh.
300th Episode!Boggling Everyone plays boggle again and watches 300.
Episode 307: Ash plays Boggle with Latinos Episode 307: Ash plays Boggle with Latinos

Ash ends up losing.

Episode 325: Charging and Boggle STILLLLLLLL CHARGING.

Oh and Latinas and Latinos are playing Boggle and charging.

Episode 337: Lations and Latias plays Boggle Yuh.